Michele Mallory



“Mary Ellen is the total package when it comes to teaching yoga anatomy. She combines years of extensive medical and clinical knowledge skillfully and humbly with her own personal experience as a student of yoga, martial arts, and functional movement. Our 200-hour trainees are getting so much more than the typical count of skeletal muscles or muscular origin & insertion points. They’re learning how yoga works and why yoga works in a very real way. Our 300-hour trainees are building on their knowledge by going deep into the structure and function of fascia and the nervous system. Science is starting to prove the very real physiological benefits of yoga and Mary Ellen is able to explain it all in terms we can understand. Her presentations are organized in a way that makes you eager for what’s next.” 

Jimmie Miller

Yoga by the Barn



I consider Mary Ellen my go to for Anatomy Training and questions. I have known, practice, and trained with her since 2002. Her background as an urgent care physician, Yoga instructor, as well as teaching Anatomy in the college setting and Yoga Teacher Trainings makes her the best. And her desire to continue her education in everything from functional fitness to Thai yoga stretch keeps her up to date as the science of Anatomy continues to evolve. I am proud to call her my friend and Anatomy Guru. 

Emily Smith

300hr YTT


Mary Ellen is a wealth of information. As an MD and Registered 500hr yoga teacher, her extensive knowledge of the human body from a medical standpoint is incredibly valuable to me as a yoga teacher and student. What really sets Mary Ellen apart is how she applies this knowledge holistically, helping us connect our own observations with the science-based realities of what goes on inside our bodies. Her passion to help others is contagious, and she demonstrates this in our classes, treating each student with care and concern. I love her interactive style and all the hands-on opportunities she provides during training. She has also been an excellent resource for me outside the classroom, patiently answering my anatomy questions. Because of Mary Ellen’s training, I feel more confident and better equipped to safely practice, teach and share the benefits of yoga with others. It is truly an honor to have Mary Ellen Yasay as one of my teachers.